2020 – My new VC

I recently established a new incubator/VC fund named 2020.vc. 2020 is a pre-seed,pre-idea incubator that connects entrepreneurs with the innovation needs of enterprises. We reverse the traditional process and offer enterprises the opportunity to “pitch” their innovation needs to entrepreneurs. We then take qualified entrepreneurs through a 6 month incubation program, in which we form startups launching products/services that tackle that need.

During the incubation program our entrepreneurs receive:

  • Access to validated needs
  • Capital
  • Mentorship
  • Incorporation
  • Access to enterprises
  • Access to follow-on investment

By putting the right incentives to the entrepreneurs we generate a new kind of startups; Startups that work closely but independently with enterprises and target less crowded sectors.

 The Need

Having worked with many entrepreneurs, I have seen great talent focus on crowded sectors and needs that didn’t exist.

On the other hand many enterprises are struggling with innovation internally and externally. Unfortunately very few entrepreneurs get a chance to learn about those needs.

 The Solutions

Successful startups addressing real needs and bringing true innovation.
Leaner and shorter innovation cycles of enterprises, as well as access to IP and talent.


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